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Wicks wrote the best-selling manual Log Cabins and Cottages: How to build and furnish them, in 1899 which remains in print today. Wicks’ believed that site integration, or designing a building to compliment and harmonize with the rugged beauty and wild nature of the Adirondacks was an ascetic necessity which is promoted in this book.

He was a life member of the Historical Society and the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, as well as a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, responsible for literally hundreds of architectural designs along with his partner E.B. Green … and yet he found time to pen a whimsical yet practical story for his little girl Ruth.

He purchased the property in the Adirondack Park, designed and had the cabin built according to plans in this story, created the furniture, made arrangements for his family and staff to settle in comfortably for the summer … in his spare time … it’s an exhausting proposition just writing about it.

Sometimes, I imagine him writing this story, sitting by a gas light at the firm, or maybe as an insomniac in one of various homes – probably Rubble Manor, or maybe behind a screened porch at his desk overlooking the pines and stillness of Honnedaga Lake, Jock’s Lake …

I wish I knew him, I wish I could have talked with him.

william s wicks

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