An Architecturally Correct Adirondack Utopia . by Wicks


the lodge

the lodge detail 1

the lodge detail 3

This Lodge is situated on the 30 acres of land that Wicks purchased and focused on after his retirement from the Green & Wicks firm. I don’t know the date of purchase, but the 30 acres and buildings were /are in Barneveld, NY along with his summer home, Rubble Manor.

I always believed the Lodge was a Wicks design, but my brother who lives in the neighboring Cottage to the Lodge tells me this is not so – although it has “the look”. The sapplings in the foreground were planted by my Grandmother, mother and two uncles during the 20’s or 30’s I believe. My Grandmother was a Smith Graduate Horticulturist, and the sapplings were provided for free by the state of New York. The Lodge is now hidden by the trees that have become a forest around it and the architecture of the original building has changed drastically.

My Grandmother left the Lodge, boat house (which no longer exists) and 10 acres including the pond to my Uncle Sid who sold it soon after, in the 60’s.

This pond was always called “Big Drumlin” by my mother, it is spring fed and was hand dug by new residents of Utica, New York during the Depression. The pond was fed trout from the trout fish hatchery that Wicks designed and constructed along with an ice house that no longer exists

The Hatchery, Cottage and 10 acres were left to my mother who sold the property to my brother in the 70’s.

It was all meant to be a rugged, wild, natural architecturally correct Utopia … at least I think so.

(all rights reserved, no duplication of materials allowed without consent of owner, author.)


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