22 Draftsmen . a Vision & a Dream . Green & Wicks

22 Draftsmen . a Vision & a Dream . Green & Wicks

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Green & Wicks . Buffalo, New York . Circa approx 1883 . Unmarked Family Photograph

Could this location be the First Unitarian Church referenced in a previous post? There are twenty two draters, architects, employees(?) shown in this photograph. Gas light and natural light as light sources. There’s an interesting pulley system at the top/ceiling of the photo …. maybe for moving drawings, I don’t know.

And outside, the world is moving via steam or horse. Did the thought process, drawings, hammering out details, discussions, ideas and relationships form here, in this space, for the Albright?

Did just one man accomplish the task, or was it the best of two minds meeting in partnership to create an art gallery that is now among the oldest public arts organizations in the United States?

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