First Unitarian Chuch Building . Buffalo . Green & Wicks Office Site


first unitarian

In 1881 Green & Wicks formed a partnership in Auburn, New York followed by a move to Buffalo, New York two years later where they set up shop as partners.

The First Unitarian Church seen here was erected in 1833 and abandoned by the church in 1880 when it was converted to offices, according to the Buffalo Architecture and History website (Founder & Coordinator Dennis Galucki). The First Unitarian Church is also known as the Title Guarantee Building, Austin Building and Ticor Building and is located at 110 Franklin Street at Eagle, Buffalo, New York.

The site also states: “For a number of years Green & Wicks, Buffalo’s most prolific architectural firm had its office here.”

The timeline seems correct for the Buffalo Green & Wicks partnership, but it is just an educated guess as other addresses turn up in research. I have some interior photos of the firm, the photographs are not marked. It would be nice to match up the interior photos with the permanent physical location of the firm, if there is one.

Photo and research data courtesy of the Buffalo Architecture And History website


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