Green & Wicks and the Chautauqua Post Office Project

Green & Wicks and the Chautauqua Post Office Project

chautauqua post office

Here is the architectural design information I have found about the Chautaqua Post Office on the “Buffalo Architecture and History website” – research data courtesy of Dennis Galucki, Founder & Coordinator with postcard photo courtesy of Ed Evans:

“The Chautauqua Post Office as it appeared in the spring of 1909 as it was completed and ready. This was a miracle project by E.B. Green for Chautauqua as the famous Buffalo architect played a key role in helping Chautauqua recover from a devastating October 1908 fire that destroyed the Institution’s original Colonnade Building, which served as the commercial center of Chautauqua. This building relocated the Post Office and Printing operations to a brand new facility.

This building went from concept to completion in a remarkable ten months. It is clear that E.B. Green employed specialists and contractors from Buffalo to get the work at Chautauqua done in time to be ready for the 1909 summer season. The steel in the buildings came from Buffalo. (Photo postcard image courtesy of Ed Evans).”

The drawing I believe shows that Green & Wicks were the architects of record. I do believe there is an oversight in omitting Green’s partner, Wicks on this project. Green & Wicks were viable partners until Wicks retirement in 1917 – the completion of this project took place by 1909 – eight years before Wicks retirement.


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