Ecole des Beaux-Arts Design Chamber of Commerce Building . 1908 . Wicks & Green


chamber bldg

chamber post

I have not found a great deal of information on the Chamber of Commerce Building by Wicks & Green, in the photo shown here.

This picture is a post card from the family archives sent from Buffalo in 1908 to Wicks in Barneveld, New York. The message simply a credit to G & W Architects. I find it interesting that Wicks attended Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and the style is designated as Ecole des Beaux-Arts style by the Preservation Ready Site.

It’s all ancient history, but our history nonetheless. A snapshot, a reminder of who we were, what great and indepth study and expertise went into the design and aesthetics of buildings that created cities – when we were new ,and architectural mindfullness ruled….for a time.

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Preservation Ready Sites Website has the following information online regarding the Chamber of Commerce Building designed by Green & Wicks, Architects and the Bank of Buffalo – both demolished:

Physical Description

13 story, L-shaped high-rise office building constructed to wrap around the Bank of Buffalo. It had a rigid steel frame, brick facade, and was designed in the Beaux-Arts style by E. B. Green & W. S. Wicks
Current Condition

Demolished in 1986. The site has remained “shovel-ready” surface parking through 2013.


Constructed in 1905 to wrap around the smaller Bank of Buffalo building.

“Adirondack Camps: Homes away from Home 1850-1950″ by Craig Gilborn, includes educational background of Wicks stating the he attended Cornell University, transferred to the Massachsetts Institute of Technology, from which he graduated, and also took courses at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

The American Institute of Architects has more precise biographical data of Wicks which in part includes the following:

“… he began in the architectural program at Cornell University . Wicks transferred to MIT in 1874, where he completed his formal education with a bachelor’s degree in architecture in 1877.

After earning his degree, he worked in the Boston office of Peabody and Sterns, where he gained practical experience in a large city architectural firm.

He joined into a partnership with Edward Brodhead Green in 1881, and in 1884, the Green & Wicks architectural firm moved from Auburn, New York to Buffalo, New York. …”


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