Wicks . London . Paris . Honnedaga Lake . 1902


london post notelondon post

This postcard is from the family archives. In the summer of 1902 Wicks sent this postcard from the Hotel Russel in London, to his wife Emma at Honnedaga Lake … which looks like a forwarding address from another residence in Oneida County.

I expect the Honnedaga Lake address would be “Rabbitwild”, the cottage Wicks designed at the Adirondack League Club, if it had not been sold at this point..

It is not an easy script to read …

(boat)? and I arrived safely early saturday morning after a very pleasant but quiet trip I did not miss one wave so cannot be said that I was seasick. We are very busy doing London …. historically but very little architecturally. Went to St Pauls for service on Sunday that is the one great thing …. potentially good and interesting … went over all of it on Monday. Th city is even blacker than Buffalo and no ….. straight for over two blocks am going to the h.j … tomorrow as …. spent today in the B museum where they have the original Egypt …. have seen the paintings and about 15 Rembrandts ….. will go to the Canterbury Sunday …. leave for Paris Tuesday ….

It seems that by the timeline of this postcard, Wicks may have studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris during this trip. This would also fall into line with the design application of the Chamber of Commerce Building in Buffalo referenced in previous post.

Remembering Wicks, partner of EB Green of Green & Wicks until his retirement in 1917.

william s wicks

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