King’s Chapel . Howard Brown & the Unitarian Connection


Kings chapel today

King’s Chapel . Boston . Still Standing . What a Miracle

For 26 years, Howard Nicholas Brown was a Minister at King’s Chapel, the first and oldest Unitarian Church in the United States. Howard Brown was married to Inez Wicks, sister of Wicks.

When he was chosen as Minister an announcement was made which was recorded and can be found today in “The Unitarian”, A Magazine of liberal Christianity, Vol X, January 1895, p. 560. Documented by Harvard College Library, from the Publishers, December 5, 1985. In part it reads:

“King’s Chapel

It is something more than a local incident when a new minister is called to the pulpit of King’s Chapel, Boston. Thousands of visitors from all parts of the civilized world enter the quiet vestibule of King’s Chapel every year as pilgrims honoring the visible memorial of so much of our countries past.

On the organ still rests the gilded image of the british crown, and at the corners shine the bishops mitre. As the birthplace of Unitarianism in America, it is, indeed, dear to us all; and its influence. Its generous hospitality, and its utterances from its ancient pulpit reach over the whole land. That the guardians of such a centre of power for good should, indeed, anxiously and with careful deliberation watch over every step in its organized management we naturally expect. It is therefore, with a certainty that a right choice has been made that we now learn of the call extended to Reverend Howard N Brown of Brookline to become the successor of James Freeman, the Ephraim Peabody, and of Henry Foote.

Mr. Brown, though still in the vigor of young manhood, has already been given a splendid service of 21 years to the First Parish Church of Brookline. In every particular of ministerial duties, he is of tried excellence. A scholarly, thoughful preacher, expressive in telling language a naturally spiritual and relgious imagination, he is one of the rare men whose steady powers are continually able to feed the moral, intellectual, and spiritual natures of hungering men and women week after week without sameness or reiteration. He is a man who inspires at once confidence and expectation; confidence, through a sense of of his thorough practicalness and well-developed common sense; expectation, in the fact that a mind of such breadth and accuracy is sure to bring forth new light and new appreciation of the deepest truths …”

A man with sharp & liberal spiritual mindfullness, from time to time teams up with his brother in law Wicks, a gifted architect, naturalist and visionary who survey the wild ruggedness and beauty of the Adirondacks … how I would love to hear their conversation.


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