“a joyous, happy place” Wicks on Rabbitwild & the Adirondack League


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These illustrations and storyline page are from Wicks’ book – “Rabbitwild” – the book written for my Grandmother Ruth Wicks McCartney when she was 12 years old in 1896. The plans are also I believe indicative of the actual camp that Wicks designed and had built on site at the Adirondack League Club.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“… It may be truthfully said that Mr. Robert Langdon is an architect with a national reputation. If he is without genius, he possesses talent of a very high order. he has not only planned beautiful residences in his native city, his services have been in demand in other cities. Some of the most charming villas on the Hudson were builded after his plans. What distinguishes his work from the more popular style of architecture, is simplicity and adaptability ….

elegant or beautiful, the home should be homelike and inviting; a joyous, happy place, reflecting the family’s cultivation and tempered taste …”

And so, we have the ancient words directly from Wicks that give us insight into his sensibilities about his place in the architectural landscape, as well his philosophy on the goal and accomplishment of an aesthic design that creates a happy life.

Elegant and subdued, before our landscape became inundated with McMansions and the gaudy display of “new money” … I love that.

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