The Charmed Life of the Wicks Family & Bucolic Barneveld

The Charmed Life of the Wicks Family & Bucolic Barneveld

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Barneveld pictures/postcards from the family archives. The Library . Rubble Manor . Wallace House, Smith College in Northhampton, Massachusetts

The Barneveld Free Library Association was formed in 1874 by Jacob Wick according to the Barneveld Website. Wicks father was named Jacob Wicks, so it is logical that the library project was probably initiated by him. Isn’t it the sweetest little building you have ever seen? I believe it is still functional just as you see it. It has the architectural Wicks “look” but I do not see that its attributed to anyone.

The postcard of Rubble Manor is written by Ruth’s mother, she has guests, Ed & Gertrude. I wonder if it might had been Edward Green & his wife, if her name was Gertrude? The message talks about a wedding and a funeral & wishes the girls were there with her, from mama.

The postcard was sent to my Grandmother Ruth in 1906 when she was 22, and attending Smith College.

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Here is information on the Barneveld Library courtesy of the Barneveld website:

” Barneveld Free Library Association was formed in 1874 when Jacob Wick offered a room, rent free, for the use of a library. A subscription paper was circulated for the purpose of raising funds and the sum of $99 was secured. On November 21, 1874, the subscribers met in the home of Dr. Luther Guiteu and organized as the Trenton Library Association. The association started with 240 books.

Unfortunately, on March 17, 1875, the entire block where the library was located burned and most of the books were lost. The exceptions were the 40 books in circulation at the time of the fire. However, the citizens were resolved to have a library. They met and raised $118.75. Books were donated from many parts of the country. By the end of 1875 a total of 1,200 volumes had been received.

On June 12, 1875, the organization was incorporated. as the Barneveld Library Association. The incorporators chose to name the library after the Village of Barneveld, which had been named by Gerrit Boon.

It was then decided to erect a building. A Site was bought from John Hughes for $100. Mr. Hughes gave back half of the purchase price as a contribution. By 1876, the association had raised $1,200.

The cornerstoneof the building, which is still in use, was laid July 27, 1877. The total cost of the building was about $1,700. The building was erected by the great- grandfather of Alexander Pirnie of Utica.

Today the library is linked with the Mid-York Library System by computer, offers wi-fi service, internet accessable computers, pre-school story hours and numerous programs throughout the year. The library is called the Barneveld Free Library, and has become a museum and a historical center as well.”


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