the Albright Art Gallery . a Birthday Card for Emma Wicks

the Albright Art Gallery . a Birthday Card for Emma Wicks

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This Albright Art Gallery postcard was sent to my great Grandmother Emma Egert Wicks to the summer home in Barneveld, New York as a Birthday card in 1908. I don’t recognize the initials of the sender.

Is there a cryptic message here somewhere? Or, could there be a better birthday card than an image of your husband’s architectural jewel of an art gallery in the new world of art, design and place in history? Along with his partner, Green, of course.

Is it as simple as that?

The Parkside Community Association Website has a timeline of historical events including credit to both Architects for the design of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery”


William Sydney Wicks, a prominent architect and a partner of E.B. Green, built his house on the southwest corner of Jewett and Summit. The third floor of Wicks’ eclectic, Tudor-style house was designed to be a ballroom to entertain his guests. Wicks and Green ultimately designed about a dozen other houses in Parkside, as well as a number of landmark buildings in the City including the Market Arcade Building downtown, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on the west side of Delaware Park, and distinctive gold-domed Buffalo Savings Bank (now a branch of M&T Bank). That year, the bear pits were constructed at the Buffalo Zoo.”

If Wicks was not on record as partner in this Green & Wicks project, why do the family archives include so many postcards that timestamp meaningful life events, showcasing the work of Green & Wicks?

By some miracle or twist of fate, they have been saved for over 100 years.

There are no coincidences. With the full speed of the internet, dusty old documentation of days gone by can be reborn by a Great grand child that no one from Wicks generation could have ever imagined. (It’s rather new for my generation really – somehow we survived without cable television, microwaves, cell phones, fake nails and fast food.)

But the cards, photos and notes were saved for a reason. This one – Remembering Wicks.

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Wicks House . 124 Jewett Ave . Buffalo . NY  (My grand mother lived in this house.)

Photo courtesy of website

My Favorite Buildings: Wicks House


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