Architects’ and Builders Magazine’ . Green & Wicks . 1902


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Green & Wicks . Buffalo . New York . Private Residence Homes . Architects and Builders Magazine . 1902 – 1903

I found the timeline below on the Parkside Community website & it took a little while to find information on private residential homes that were designed by the Green & Wicks firm. I am guessing the homes included here were/are a part of the Parkside community. I haven’t looked into the actual street addresses or viability of the homes. But it is nice to have a visual record of some of the homes that were designed by the Green & Wicks firm.


William Sydney Wicks, a prominent architect and a partner of E.B. Green, built his house on the southwest corner of Jewett and Summit. The third floor of Wicks’ eclectic, Tudor-style house was designed to be a ballroom to entertain his guests. Wicks and Green ultimately designed about a dozen other houses in Parkside, as well as a number of landmark buildings in the City including the Market Arcade Building downtown, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery on the west side of Delaware Park, and distinctive gold-domed Buffalo Savings Bank (now a branch of M&T Bank). That year, the bear pits were constructed at the Buffalo Zoo.

(Courtesy of the Parkside Community website.)

The information to follow was found in:

“Architects’ and Builders’ Magazine”, Devoted to the Interests of Architecture, Building and Engineering . established 1882 . Vol. IV . October, 1902 – September, 1903 . Old Series, 747-758 . New York . William T. Comstock . 23 Warren Street

res 16

Residence, Mrs. G.O. Howard, Buffalo, New York

res 17

Residence, Gro, Edward Hayes, Buffalo, New York

res 18

Residence, Mr. G.S. Utley, Buffalo, New York

res 19

Residence, Mr. S.P. Aspinwall, Buffalo, New York

res 8

Residence, Mrs. W.E. Price, Buffalo, New York

res 9

Club House, Otowega Club, Buffalo, New York


Residence of Geo. V. Forman, Buffalo, New York

res 1

Entrance Enlarged.

The cover page and index of the “Architects’ and Builders” Magazine & Index to Volume IV is included on the slide show above. There are eleven Green & Wicks buildings included in this issue – not too shabby.

Construction of these homes must have been underway during the time that the Green & Wicks Pan Am Expo Machinery and Electricity Buildings were being designed and built.

Meanwhile the Albright Art Gallery is thoroughly underway and will be completed in 2 more years.

I believe Wicks was still President of the Otowego Club (pictured above), Vice President of the Red Jacket Golf Club, an American Institute of Architects Fellow and Charter Member of the Adirondack League Club.

By this time he had  designed and built his Adirondack Cottage, Rabbitwild and had written two books – “Log Cabins and Cottages-How to Build and Furnish Them” and “Rabbitwild” … the unpublished book written for his daughter Ruth and my Grandmother, this Blog includes some entries from this beautifully sweet book.

As busy as our lives seem now, most of us are not designing World’s Fair buildings, banks, churches, art museums, bridges, commerce buildings & entire architectural content for neighborhoods. We are more than likely not Presidents, Vice Presidents and Charter Members of Land Preservation societies, Commissioners of Parks or Life Members of Historical & Fine Arts Academies. We are probably not building a trout hatchery, designing and building a cottage in the woods, and writing books about the process, and one of them for one of our children.

Most of us are probably not doing that.

That is why I am Remembering Wicks

william s wicks

and honoring the life he lived so, very, well.

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About Stories, Old & New

My background is in Public Relations with a B.S. from Syracuse University. I would like to publish "Rabbitwild - A Shelter in the Wilderness", written by my Great Grandfather, William S. Wicks, a gifted early American Architect and Naturalist. Wicks, a member of the first group to purchase 100,000 acres of Adirondack Wilderness with the idea that it should remain a "forever wild" preserve, in fact designed and built "Rabbitwild" within the Adirondack League Club. And so, this blog isn't about me at all, but about remembering Wicks, his legacy, love and loyalty to natural design. By happenstance, he created the same appreciation in me for all that is beautiful, by nature.

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