The Wildly Beautiful Adirondack Lifestyle Designed by Wicks . 1892-1908

The Wildly Beautiful Adirondack Lifestyle Designed by Wicks . 1892-1908

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Postcards of the Adirondack Region from the Wicks Collection . 1908 & 1909

Between 1892 and about 1908 or 1909 William S. Wicks was fully engaged with the design of camps in the Adirondacks, the majority within the Adirondack League Club. As one of the first land owners of the preserve in 1892, Wicks was naturally attuned and devoted to land preservation and management with natural design in mind. Wicks loved life in the woods, the rugged landscape, fresh cold streams, pristine lakes and the design of well planned buildings ready to take shape. The woodland community of naturally conscientious trailblazers spoke to his inner natural voice and spirit, far from the hustle of a city taking shape in Buffalo, with many commissions of Green & Wicks architecture in process.

According to the article written by Russel Roberts shown below, Wicks designed 23 cabins, cottages, lodges, and hunting camps during this time frame which have been verified including the Adirondack League Club’s Mountain Lodge. Somehow, the number of references and books I have seen are not aware of the extent of his work, which is something to think about since he loved the environment enough to be a Charter Member of the Adirondack League Club for 30 years. It would be interesting to find out if records from the Adirondack League Club for this time period have been saved, but they are a rather closed community, and not easy to contact.

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Photos of the structures are rare. They are not as well-known or publicized as the Buffalo buildings. I found the three images below on the Adirondack Museum website which are quite good. I was so happy to see the interior of the Wardell camp, I think it is even nicer than I what I had imagined:

wicks camp museum interior

Interior D.W. Wardell Camp, Honnedaga Lake, 1910, Wicks Camp Interior

wicks camp museum wardell

D.W Wardell camp, View from Honnedaga Lake, Wicks Camp, 1910

wicks camp museum

Wicks Camp, Photo Postcard, on second Stillwater of West Canada Creek, Adirondack League Club, Log Cabin with porch, 1940

Remembering Wicks and wondering – when did he sleep?

a wicks photo

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