Wicks . the Canadian Connection & the lost Swiss Chalets

Wicks . the Canadian Connection & the lost Swiss Chalets

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Postcards from Canada . Wicks collection . Summer & Fall of 1906 to Ruth . Grand Trunk Railway System Series . Lake Temagami . Lady Evelyn River. Muskoka Lakes District . St. Lawrence River . 1000 Islands the Admiralty Group.

I have been looking for the three-story swiss chalets designed by Wicks in the Georgian Bay region of Canada as referenced in the article written by Russel Roberts  … not even a smidge of a hint. I am guessing that the series of postcards above are the result of the trip either to or from Canada as Wicks would have traveled to see the site for the project.

Three postcards are addressed to Ruth’s Buffalo address (Fall) and two are addressed to the Adirondack League Club in care of the Lashers (Mr. Hazard Lasher died 3 years earlier, at just 48 years old). Mrs. Lasher and her two sons continued to stay at the Cottage for the summer. Ruth was 26 years old, the boys may have been about the same age, I am not sure.

One postcard is written by Ruth’s mother so Wicks was traveling with his wife on the excursion. I recognize Wicks handwriting on the others, he rarely sends a message. Emma is staying with Walter, having delightful rides on the river in his launch., and that is the end of the chapter on the Canadian connection.

And so the story of the Canadian Swiss chalets remain a mystery.

The Adirondack camps were closed and secured for the winter, buttoned up with the promise of Spring nothing more than that of an elusive lover with wet spring snow hugging the ground incessantly. Emma returned to Rubble Manor in Barneveld, running the household, holding down the fort, I know so little about her. Wicks returned to the city continuing his work with EB Green, the plethora of commissions keeping  the firm humming. My Grandmother, Ruth. Ruth’s occupation seems to be travel, tennis and  attending conscientious social clubs. But, that is what I surmise. After all of the Ivy League education, I am not aware of a “paid”position that she held in her lifetime, however, she managed the family property beutifully when her father died.

It looks like this postcard was sent from the Green & Wicks New York State Fairgrounds right after Ruth left the Adirondacks. It was sent by  Ruth to her mother in Barneveld and it is rather sweet. She is attending the Fair in Syracuse with friends and may be there for a while. The card is signed Al & Ruth and I wonder if Al might have been one of the Lasher boys, and if the two had traveled to the fair from camp together. There was word that someone had killed a buck  – she is asking her mother to please send her some venison, even if it is just a small amount… having a fine old time…gay and festive town ….wish you were here.

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Remembering Ruth, I think of her as a sophisticated and smart young woman walking in a society of the very accomplished, her soul and heart firmly entrenched in the natural earthy beauty and spirit of the country, and the honesty it brings forth….every girl needs a father like Wicks.


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hopkins Wittemann, Great Granddaughter of Wicks

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