Daughters of the American Revolution . Inez Wicks Brown & the Fourth of July



Mrs. Inez Althea Wicks Brown, Sister of William S. Wicks 

Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution

(Stock photo courtesy of www.picsearch.com)

The Wicks genealogy file for this branch of the family is limited. However, Brown family resources are composed of volumes. Wicks sister, Inez Althea Wicks married Howard Nicholson Brown, a Unitarian Minister of King’s Chapel in Boston for 26 years. In the Brown genealogy file I found this information about Inez and her lineage to support her membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution society. I have no pictures of Inez or Howard, but the above photo I think captures the mood and setting of the era.

Lineage Book National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol. 22:

Mrs. Inez Althea Wicks Brown

Born in Newport, New York

Wife of Rev. Howard Nicholson Brown

Descendant of Captain John Allyn, of Connecticut

Daughter of Jacob Wicks & Mary Frances Morse

Granddaughter of Isaac Lucius Morse and Ruth Amelia Allyn, his wife

Great Granddaughter Henry S. Allyn & Asenath Scoville

Great Great Granddaughter John Allyn& Lydia Burnham, his wife

John Allyn 1740-1829 . Served as ensign in the company from Farmingham for the defense of Boston after the evacuation and as adjutant in the New York campaign 1776. He rose to the rank of captain and was at Stillwater and Saratoga. Born in Farmingham, died in Berlin.

Here is the eligibility requirement to become a member of the DAR from their website:

Eligibility for Membership:
Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution.

Today is the Fourth of July, I am listening to the cacophony of Fireworks just outside my door & astounded to find that I have Revolutionary connections. I could join the Daughters of the American Revolution, if I wanted to. I didn’t quite realize the depth of my American roots. Smashing!

Remembering the Wicks Women and how very interesting, thoughtful and progressive they were.

emma and ruth

Ruth, Grace & Mother Emma

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My background is in Public Relations with a B.S. from Syracuse University. I would like to publish "Rabbitwild - A Shelter in the Wilderness", written by my Great Grandfather, William S. Wicks, a gifted early American Architect and Naturalist. Wicks, a member of the first group to purchase 100,000 acres of Adirondack Wilderness with the idea that it should remain a "forever wild" preserve, in fact designed and built "Rabbitwild" within the Adirondack League Club. And so, this blog isn't about me at all, but about remembering Wicks, his legacy, love and loyalty to natural design. By happenstance, he created the same appreciation in me for all that is beautiful, by nature.

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