A Victorian Summer Portrait . Wicks’ & Nicholsons’ . Barneveld . 1880’s


family barneveld

We are family . on the steps . on a summer’s day . Rubble Manor . Barneveld . New York

family barneveld back

The Nicholson’s are cousins of Ruth and Emma through the marriage of their Aunt Ione M. Wicks to Charles Nicholson. I can’t make out Grandma and she may have been on the Nicholson side. Cousin Harriet was born in 1874 and died in 1915, she is buried in the Barneveld Evergreen cemetery with many, many of the Nicholson, Wicks & McCartney (Ruth’s husband) families. I also found Frances Nicholson, born in 1869 who died in 1953 also buried at the Evergreen cemetery. So far, I have not found Cousin Nat, baby Henrietta or cousin Mable. The photo is undated, I would guess that it would date to the mid to late 1880’s.

Mother Emma died the same year as Harriet. Harriet was 41 years old. Emma was 54 years old. The privileged country life must have been more difficult than what can be seen in photos and biographies. Still, I love this photo & the picture of who we once were.

Photos are courtesy of Elizabeth Hopkins Wittemann, Great Granddaughter of William S. Wicks.

Remembering Wicks, my Great Grandfather, Author & Architect and the man behind the scene. In Buffalo a partner of the Green & Wicks architectural firm or somewhere beyond creating a new architectural vision, busy providing his family with a beautiful life, and too involved in that process, I am sure to be in this picture, on a fine summer’s day.

wicks 1890

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My background is in Public Relations with a B.S. from Syracuse University. I would like to publish "Rabbitwild - A Shelter in the Wilderness", written by my Great Grandfather, William S. Wicks, a gifted early American Architect and Naturalist. Wicks, a member of the first group to purchase 100,000 acres of Adirondack Wilderness with the idea that it should remain a "forever wild" preserve, in fact designed and built "Rabbitwild" within the Adirondack League Club. And so, this blog isn't about me at all, but about remembering Wicks, his legacy, love and loyalty to natural design. By happenstance, he created the same appreciation in me for all that is beautiful, by nature.

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