Wicks . Architect’s Perspective of the Mappa House . 1913



Rubble Manor displayed as home of William S. Wicks: “The American Architect & Building News”,The Mappa House, Trenton, New York,  August 13, 1913, Vol. CIV., No.1963


Interior Rubble Manor


Sitting Room . Rubble Manor


Interior . Rubble Manor

I have a few books from the Rubble Manor library, or sitting room with the Rubble Manor book-plate & Ruth’s name, including “Rabbitwild”. I remember seeing the Sheraton couch at my Grandmother’s (Ruth) when she was living at the farmhouse with my Uncle Skip. I remember seeing the Sheraton chairs, demilune and round shaker style table as well. I have two early Chippendale chairs, I think one is shown here. I don’t think any of the pictures hanging up  survived – they might have gone to auction. I wish I could see them a little better …

and that’s it for the Rubble Manor chapter.


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