The Firm


For Rick – the Green & Wicks Firm was housed in an old Unitarian Church in Buffalo for sometime. I haven’t taken the time today to check times, place and dates, or have even tried to guess. But, for now here are some photos that have somehow survived! (All rights reserved, duplication of content is strictly forbidden without consent of author, owner.)

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  1. a peggy wicks,who my family knew,lived in our carriage house,built in 1860 by sewards son in auburn, 1933,someone very skilled and artistic,remodeled the house to resenble an english cottage surrounded by mother still lives in the house, i visit often.the house is charming,unique, and built as strong as a ship.-i know william s. wicks lived in auburn once, and wrote about building english cottages–does anyone have any sources for more information linking this magical home with this lovely man?


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