and so the hope & process of publication begins …


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I am very happy to be in communication with Syracuse University Press and the offer to submit the story of “Rabbitwild” & personal introduction for consideration. 

Remembering Wicks,

wicks 1890

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  1. Great follow-up book to Harvey Kaiser’s ‘Great Camps of the Adirondacks.’ I knew him when he was Vice-Chanceller of S U. I bet his papers are at Syracuse University. I believe he was a professor of Architecture at SU too. Congratulations! -Kevin


  2. Thanks Kevin, I have that book and would be interested in researching other papers Kaiser has written. I know Wicks was referenced in the “Great Camps” book, and since Green & Wicks designed the New York State Fair Grounds buildings in Syracuse, it makes sense that there is more to discover. Wicks “small” camps preceded the great camp movement by about 50 years I think, so it will be nice to have a “Wicks footprint” record of early, aesthetically significant architecture in the Adirondacks. Thanks again, now it’s just a matter of seeing where this all goes!


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