Re-Imagining Rabbitwild


Re-imagining Rabbitwild …



Rabbitwild was real.  Here it is in it’s rustic beautiful splendor on Honnedaga Lake, oh so long ago when Wicks designed and built this camp among the first within the Adirodack League Club.  Family and friends in Victorian whites on the porch … maybe that’s my grandmother or her sister living a life that looks quite wonderful in every way.

In the book, Wicks provides meticulous detail related to the construction of the camp from analysis of the site to blue prints to the number of hand hewed nails needed to build this camp utilizing timber on the land.

I have land in Barneveld, at least a little of it, with timber, timber grown from saplings planted by my grandmother Ruth, my mother Kitty and her two brothers Syd and Skip. My grandmother was a Smith graduate horticulturist and planted acres and acres of saplings provided by the State of New York in the 20’s and 30’s.

And I imagine, building this cottage again on the land my mother saved in Barneveld where she had planned to build a cottage someday. The small parcel she saved specifically for its aesthetic correctness. She was a painter after all, and she looked at the site  it as if it were a painting. The parcel overlooks Big Drumlin, the pond that Wicks had built as part of his tireless dedication and love of his land in Barneveld.

And I think, wouldn’t it be great to follow the book, step by step and create this cottage in  just the same way it had been built  in the 1800’s? Wouldn’t it be stunning to document the story of Wicks in this way, to see it go up, to write about it, to film it?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to re-imagine Rabbitwild where new generations will have a footing on sacred ground and remember how very beautiful life is in its rustic splendor, in the Wicks tradition?


And I wonder, how do others who have these ideas, find the right people to make it happen.

That’s what I want to know.

little ruth 2

Remembering Wicks …

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