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political 2

President McKinley Postcard . Wicks Collection . Pan Am Expo 1901


Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903

res 9

Otowego Club . Designed by Green & Wicks . Buffalo . 1903


res 8

Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903

res 14

Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903

res 15

Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903

res 16

Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903

res 17

Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903


res 18

Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903

res 19

Green & Wicks Designed Residence . Buffalo . 1903

pan electricity

Green & Wicks . Electricity Building . Pan Am Expo 1901

pan art

Green & Wicks . Art Building (Albright) . 1901

pan machinery

Green & Wicks Machinery Building . Pan Am Expo . 1901

pan machinery 2

Green & Wicks Machinery Building . Pan Am Expo . 1901

pan manufacturer

The Manufacturing Building . Pan Am Expo . 1901

pan am logo

Pan American Exposition Logo . 1901

pan am site

Pan American Exposition Overview . 1901


Delaware Park


The Boat House . Delaware Park . Green & Wicks


Lily Pond . Delaware Park . Green & Wicks


Delaware Park Bridge . Green & Wicks


Delaware Park . Green & Wicks


Delaware Park . Winter . Green & Wicks

buf bank savings 3

The Buffalo Savings Bank . Today . Green & Wicks

market arcade 2

The Market Arcade . Current . Green & Wicks

wicks house

Wicks Home . 124 Jewett Parkway

bridge 9

Delaware Park Bridge . Green & Wicks

del p 8

Delaware Park Bridge Carving by Wicks relative

buffalo 2 buffalo 4

Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY & Miss Marguerite Grove

buffalo 9 buffalo 14

The Albright Art Gallery . Buffalo . NY 1908 . Green & Wicks Architects . Birthday card to Emma

buffalo 13 buffalo 11

Bridge in the Park, Buffalo, New York .  .Green & Wicks, Architects

gates_circle_2004[1] gates_circle1_2004[1]

Gate’s Circle . Buffalo . 2004

buffalo 6 buffalo 5

Gate’s Circle . Buffalo . 1908 . Green & Wicks

chamber post

chamber bldg

Buffalo Chamber of Commerce Building


Wicks daughter Ruth at the Green & Wicks Office – 1890

emma and ruth

Wicks Wife, Emma & Daughters Grace & Ruth

park lake

Park Lake

gw drafting room

Drafting Room

albright close up

The Albright Art Gallery . Green & Wicks

wicks workroom

Green & Wicks Drafting Room

first unitarian<a

Former First Unitarian Chuch . Green & Wicks Office Location


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  1. Do you know the dates and sources of the two drafting room photos? I’m researching William B. Faville who was in the G&W office ca. 1892-1893, and wonder what was in the office when he was there, and what he might have worked on. Faville went to MIT in 1894, roomed with Elbert Hubbard in Cambridge, then worked for McKim Mead & White ca.1896-1898. Then partner with Walter D. Bliss from 1898-1925. B&F was one of the leading firms in SF in those years. Thanks.


  2. Hi Michael, The photos are from a family collection belonging to WS Wicks of the Green & Wicks Architectural Firm. The first use of electricity within the city were street lamps in 1881. The photographs show use of gas lights in the drafting room, so the use of electricity was not utilized during the time this photo was taken, so I am guessing it is an early shot. The Buffalo firm was founded in 1883 and lasted until 1917 when Wicks retired. I have been told that G&W evolved as the the largest architectural firm in North America at some point during these years. I have been researching Wicks designs and have found that as a collaboration, designs are usually designated by the G&W stamp. With Wicks retirement in 1917 and Green continuing his work for many years after, Wicks designs have been forgotten or overlooked, even as partner to Green. There are a number of projects completed by the G&W firm included on this blog between the time frame mentioned. To narrow it down, you could probably track dates of specific projects and surmise that Faville could have been a contributing architect. Wicks also graduated from MIT as you probably know a bit earlier than Faville as I recall. How interesting he roomed with Hubbard. Hubbard’s Roycraft buildings have a lot of features that look like Wicks trademark designs, but I believe Wright was the architect of the campus.


    • Thanks for reply. Are there office records for G&W that show who worked there and the dates of employment? I assume that Faville went to MIT because Wicks suggested it. Are there correspondence files?


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  4. Was William Wicks ever part of an architectural firm ‘Wicks & Hopkins?’ I have a copy of some blueprints if the summer residence of Dexter Rumsey on the shore of Lake Erie in Derby, NY. The blueprints were dated 1921 and the home was built in the mid 1920s. We are attempting to find an association to the proper architect. Thank you.


  5. I am in San Francisco and don’t know much about Buffalo architecture, but Wm. S. Wicks died in 1917. The AIA guide to Buffalo says that “Edward B. Green & Son with Albert Hart Hopkins” designed the State Office Building in 1928-1931. That’s all I know.


  6. I believe the connection is through Wicks daughter Grace. The Hopkins name was her married name if I am not mistaken. Briefly during or after his death, a family member through marriage partnered in this firm. I have the exact information buried in my research, if I can trace it, I will provide an update.


  7. After Green & Wicks dissolved in 1917, Wicks, Franklyn J. Kidd and Fred R. Hopkins formed the firm of Wicks, Kidd & Hopkins. When Wicks died in 1919, Kidd left to form his own firm with his brother, and Fred carried on alone under the firm name of Wicks & Hopkins. What is your connection to the house the blueprints are for? Does it still stand?


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