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Ruth . Second from Right . Golf Team for four years at Smith College . 1904-1908


Women’s Who’s Who in America . 1914


Senior Photo . Smith College . 1908


Date Unknown . Photo is courtesy of Wicks’ Great granddaughter  Elizabeth Hopkins Wittemann

little ruth

Little Ruth & her papa Wicks . Photo courtesy of Wicks’ Great granddaughter Elizabeth Hopkins Wittemann


George Washington – Luxury Liner – European Trip 1914

postcard from annie 1

Post to Ruth c/o Howard Brown from Annie – 1911

post annie 4

Postcard to Ruth c/o Howard Brown from Annie – 1912

Wallace House

Wallace House – Smith College – Northampton, MA

barneveld home

Rubble Manor – Summer Home – Barneveld, NY

unitarian church barneveld

Unitarian Church – Barneveld, NY

kings chapel

King’s Chapel Unitarian Church – Boston, MA

ruth detail

Ruth – 6 years old – Green & Wicks Architectural Firm, Buffalo, NY

emma and ruth

Ruth with her baby sister Grace & Mother, Emma

the pond

The Pond – Barneveld, NY – 1931

the lodge

The Lodge – Barneveld, NY

to Ruth

Rabbitwild – to Ruth – 1896

Rabbitwild Cover

Ruth’s Book – by William S Wicks – Rabbitwild – 1896

rabbit wild cabin

Ruth’s Cottage – Rabbitwild – The Adirondack League Club

rubble manor

Summer Home – Rubble Manor – Barneveld, NY

william s wicks

William S Wicks – Ruth’s Father


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  1. I would love to ask you about Jacob Wicks. I’m doing a search on Mary Elizabeth Keeler Wicks. There is a site that has Wicks-Keeler marriage Sunday Aug 13, 1843 by Rev. Skinner, both of Newport,NY. They were married in Frankfort, NY. I also found she died and is buried in the Newport Cemetery. She died 8-11-1845. Jacob is not buried there so I wonder if he remarried your grgr grandmother MaryFrances Morse. If this is the case did my Mary and Jacob have the child, Iona? I see she was born a year before Mary Elizabeth passed.
    Thanks you for your time/ Merry Christmas,


    • Dear Cheryl, Excuse me for jumping into your conversation. I am Margret Hopkins Franklin Custred, descended from Grace Wicks. This is all new to me but I have been trying to do a family tree on Archives. According to the Geneology book my aunt Elizabeth Hopkins Collins who lived at MAPPA house in Barneveld left me, Mary Morse married Jacob Wicks in 1846, if I am reading her book correctly. I can track this line back to Thomas Barnes and Mary Andrews, 1640. Note Thomas other wife, Mary-or daughter, not sure, was condemmed to death for witchcraft. Yes, according to my book, Mary Francis and Jacob had 2 children. Inez Althea Wicks, born 10/25/1948 and Wm S Wicks, born July 27, 1854. Inez married Rev.Howard Brown 1871 and they had 5 children: Mary Louise, Howad, SarH, Mabel and Margret. Does this jive with the info you have?


      • Hi Peggy, I am interested in the family history book! According to my research Rubble Manor in Barneveld was sold when WSW died, 1909 I think, and all contents were auctioned off. I am wondering when your Aunt Elizabeth lived there. I have so little information on Grace. My grand mother Ruth graduated from Smith, traveled Europe for about a year, spent time between the camp “Rabbitwild” at the Adirondack League Club, Barneveld and Buffalo and did not marry until she was well into her 30’s. I have found that Grace married rather young, I think, but little else. A granddaughter of Grace, Elizabeth Hopkins Witteman, had wonderful photos and pages of diary from Grace that she shared with me. Do you know anything about Grace? Would it be possible to scan pages of the book you have? I would love to see it!


      • Cheryl, Thank you for responding. I stand corrected on a couple things. First of course is that Inez was not born in 1948. That was me. And now I can’t find the reference to her dob but I am sure you have it. Second, my brother Rick Franklin corrected me about MAPPA house. We used to visit it from the outside when we went to Barneveld to visit my aunt and family but they lived in another very old farm house. I guess my mother talked about the house so much I just incorporated it into my family history. Like I said, I am just getting started exploring this and I suspect I have a lot to sort out. Another thing my brother told me tonight was that my grandfather, Fred R, Hopkins, husband of Grace, was also an architect and after Wicks separated from Green they went into business together for a couple years. Can you confirm that? By the way, I have (one of or the) Wicks’ Adarondack League medallion, member 20 engraved on the back.
        I would be glad to scan some pages from my geneology book. Please give me an email or mailing address. You can email me at peggycustred@yahoo.com The book has entries by several different people and I am sorry I do not know who all. There is one reference to “this date (1907)” so I assume that was by Grace. More is written by her daughter, Elizabeth (who lived in Barneveld) and more by my mother, Barbara.
        Do you live in Fla? I live in Gulf Breeze but grew up in Buffalo NY.

        Looking forward to hearing from you again.


      • Hi Peggy, this is Jolie…I think Cheryl was someone who made a comment on this post. thanks so much for your post. Recently, I have been spending my time on moving forward with Wicks book “Rabbitwild” and have not spent any time on further family archives or research, although I would like to at some point. I would love to see some of the pages from your book, my email is rewritingwickshistory@aol.com. At some point, it would be nice to publish a second book as a Wicks memoir. Also, any stories that you may know about Grace, photos, or written notes, etc. would be so interesting to me. Was your mother Barbara a daughter of Grace? I live in Dunedin, Florida now but grew up in near Wicks other home in Barneveld, in Utica, New York. Thanks again for your post, it is most appreciated. I look forward to continued research on the Wicks story, but for now just focusing on getting the book to a publisher. Best, Jolie,


  2. Hi Cheryl, Apologies for delayed response. I have been trying to find out more about Jacob and Mary but my resources are limited as I live in Florida and do not have access to documents and records that have not been scanned and are available only to on-site archive visitors. But, it does make sense from your research that Iona was a child of the first marriage. I am interested in finding out where, when and how Jacob and Mary met, how many children they had and how WS Wicks ultimately died in Barneveld at a relatively young age. I am guessing that Jacob and Mary are buried at the Barneveld cemetery as is WSW, my grandmother and mother. Anyway, thanks for your note, the family history, accomplishments are so intriguing to me & I just wish I could retrace all of the steps of their lives & stories.


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